After a lifetime of writing and playing music, Western New York based songwriter Paul Lamont seems to have found his real comfort zone, writing finely crafted songs that aren’t bound by time. “My father was a plumber with his own business and a strong work ethic. If he didn’t do good work, he didn’t get work. I look at songwriting the same way. It’s a craft and it’s a job and it takes a lot of work to do it well. I guess I just have a poet’s heart beating in a plumber’s chest. ”   

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Townes Van Zandt, Eric Andersen, Gordon Lightfoot and Guy Clark, he crafts songs that are like an open door that anyone can enter. His career as a solo acoustic performer began in the late 1970s playing in rundown saloons and back-alley bars. He played extensively throughout the 80s and 90s holding tight to his acoustic guitar even though the day of the troubadour had passed. In the late 90s, he turned his attention to documentary filmmaking and over the course of the next 20-years, produced and directed over 20 films for regional and national PBS. Now, he’s returned to his roots. “Crafting a song is a lot like crafting a film. There has to be a story arc, a narrative that takes you on a journey.” In 2013, his song, "Whiskey Before Breakfast" came to the attention of record producer, Werner Meyer of Meyer Records in Cologne, Germany and was included on Meyer Records Artist Compilation Volume 4, released in Europe on CD and vinyl. He was also asked to contribute a cover version of Eric Andersen's song "Blue Heart" to a triple album tribute released in October of 2022. Currently, an EP is in the works.